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Detroit, MI-based UGC Creator



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Hello there,

I'm Shika

I’m a 35 year old wife, new mom, techie (by trade!), and social media creator.

As a content creator I love creating engaging and authentic content to hook in and relate to your clients and most importantly convert to sales. I strive to create a wide variety of high quality organic and paid ad content while understanding the needs of your brand.

All branded content is filmed on iPhone Pro Max.

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My Recent clients


Skylar Clean Beauty





Content based on your goals

Different content means different results

Paid Ad Style Content for Conversions

I will create content that allows you to reach and target your ideal customers with the intention of increasing conversion rates or sales.

Organic Content for Brand Awareness

If your goal is to increase your brand awareness and build your community I will focus on organic content.

Organic content is content that you would see from a real customer.

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Organic style showcasing product in retail store

Organic style showcasing product using trending sounds

Ad style showcasing product with hook and CTA

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What to Expect

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After submitting your inquiry, you should expect to hear back from me within 1-2 business days. Once we’ve connected, we can brainstorm ideas/requirements and discuss logistics via email OR on a free 15 minute call. After aligning on the vision, comes the fun part! I will prepare a script and shot list for you to review and approve. Following that, I will film and edit a draft of the video(s) for your review and send it for feedback! After incorporating the feedback, we’re good to go and I will deliver the final product and we can discuss final logistics and coordinate follow-up on analytics/performance! All-in, expect 1-2 weeks depending on deliverables!

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customizable packages available - please contact for more information

Services and Rates

Services Available

  • Content Creation
  • Script Writing & Reading
  • Monthly Retainers
  • UCG Photography
  • Raw Footage

Starting Rates

1 videos… $100

2 videos… $160

3 videos… $225

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Book me.

I look forward to discussing your vision further. For inquiries email me at:

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